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Experience a holistic approach to wellness with our certified organic drink supplement, meticulously crafted with a proprietary metabolic and fiber blend, sustainably grown ingredients, and rigorously lab-tested for unparalleled effectiveness.

Elevate your day with our meticulously crafted blend of health and indulgence.

Full-Spectrum Fiber Support

With 6 grams per serving, our fiber supports daily dietary needs, helping you stay full longer and resist the urge for unnecessary snacking.

Optimal Gut Health

Our fiber blend, featuring psyllium and inulin, aids in maintaining a healthy digestive system, essential for an active lifestyle.

Slim With Science

Formulated with Slendacor®, our fiber blend is clinically shown to enhance weight loss efforts, making your fitness goals more achievable.

Designed for Optimal Digestive Health and Weight Management.

This scientifically formulated beverage leverages the clinically studied Slendacor® blend to naturally enhance metabolism and support weight control. Coupled with a robust fiber mix, it aids in maintaining regularity and satiety.

Whole body benefits in one scoop.

Even with the best diet, some nutrients can be hard to get. That’s why Fiber Slim delivers optimal amounts of nutrients in forms that help your body thrive.

Unique Fiber Blend

With 6 grams per serving, Fiber Slim offers a robust 18% of the daily recommended fiber, outperforming many other brands.

Metabolic Boost

A unique metabolic blend with BCAAs and other enhancers in Fiber Slim supports weight management and digestion beyond traditional fiber supplements.

Clean Label

Free from artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, meets growing demand for supplements focusing on natural, wholesome ingredients.

Here's How Fiber Slim Works.

  1. Add one scoop to 12-14 oz of water.
  2. Mix well and drink immediately.
  3. Enjoy the refreshing mixed berry flavor.

Fiber Slim

A groundbreaking formula that combines weight management support with essential fibers for digestive wellness.

Fiber Slim stands out as a natural, stimulant-free option in the crowded market of weight management supplements. Crafted with a blend of naturally sourced ingredients, ensuring a clean, additive-free supplement that’s as good for you as it is for the environment. Clinically proven Slendacor® and a high fiber content work together to promote not just weight loss but overall digestive health.

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Clean Ingredients

Weight Loss Properties

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fiber Slim?

Fiber Slim is a full-spectrum fiber supplement designed to support your daily dietary needs. With 6 grams of fiber per serving, it helps keep you satiated, reduces the urge for unnecessary snacking, and is an essential component of a healthy, active lifestyle.

What ingredients are in Fiber Slim?

Fiber Slim contains a proprietary blend of natural fibers including Instant Inulin, Sunfiber® Guar Fiber, Organic Psyllium Husk, Glucomannan, and Citrus Pectin Powder. It also features a metabolic blend with Inositol, Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin, Slendacor® (containing extracts from Moringa, Murraya, and Curcuma), and other metabolism-supporting ingredients.

Does Fiber Slim help with bloating?

Yes, Fiber Slim’s blend of dietary fibers like psyllium and inulin aids in maintaining a healthy digestive system, which can reduce bloating. It’s essential to increase your fiber intake gradually to allow your body to adjust, which can help minimize bloating over time.

Is Fiber Slim a weight management product?

Absolutely, Fiber Slim is crafted with weight management in mind. Its formulation includes Slendacor®, a clinically shown blend that enhances weight loss efforts. By helping you feel full longer and reducing the impulse to snack, Fiber Slim is a valuable ally in achieving your fitness goals. Remember that consistent use and a balanced diet are key for optimal results.

How do I use Fiber Slim?

Mix one scoop of Fiber Slim with 12-14 ounces of water and drink it 30 minutes to 1 hour before meals, up to twice a day. Ensure to drink an additional glass of water afterwards. New users should start with one serving per day and gradually increase to the suggested serving size.